To Muriel

Three years ago we moved to Baker road
It was an exciting new beginning for us
But there was a huge hole in my heart
My girlfriends were missing

Then those Taieri winds brought us together
The winds we curse
Brought damage to your building site
But brought a new friend into my life

Our years since then have been busy
But amidst it all we found time to connect and build a friendship
A friendship that I have so treasured
Our lives have touched
Connected along the way
texts, visits, coffees, parties
As and when we could both manage
through these past chaotic years

When Diane, Gaye & I mooted to start a monthly get together
The Baker Road Coffee Group was formed
Us ‘girls’ really enjoyed our times together
It is a special time each month
Where we can connect and talk
No pressures – just be
We were so happy & blessed that amidst all the stressors of life
Muriel you wanted, and were able to host us in July
We really enjoyed that happy morning
We kept as quiet as we could so we wouldn’t wake Greg 🙂
Another memory to hold

But the memory I will hold most dear
11 days ago
When you and Greg came by in your gorgeous red pickup
On your way home from an afternoon of ice cream & the beach
an afternoon of making memories
You came to say goodbye cuz we were leaving tomorrow
We all talked and laughed and enjoyed the wind
Until the rain drove you home
You waved as you left
And said
I’ll see you when you get back”

My heart was breaking……
Muriel my beautiful friend
I knew we were saying goodbye
You are going to be so missed
another light has gone out in Baker Road

I will no longer curse the wind
But instead will use it to send messages of love to you
to the stars
that are sparkling more gloriously
Because of your presence

I am doubly heartbroken that I cannot be with everyone today
To celebrate Your life
But today
I will be wearing Pink
For You xx

PS – I had to put my family first today which I know you would’ve wanted
Today we took our grandchildren on a long promised visit to the Antarctic Centre

By chance
or maybe not chance at all…
God really does work in wondrous ways
I got to ride the Haggland later in the day with my granddaughter as she was too nervous to go earlier with the boys
When we stepped out after our ride
I realised we had been in the only Pink Haggland on base
And it was 1:30pm!
God blessed my heart & calmed my spirit in this moment
Thank you Muriel
Rest easy my friend xxx

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