Sightseeing with Nicki

Nicki took me out sightseeing for the day.
First port of call was Parliament of Western Australia.
Whilst the back of it is architectural really interesting….img_9462

….the front is rather sterile.img_9464 img_9465
Across the motorway we could see the Barracks Arch.
It is the remainder of The Barracks which were built in 1866 to house the Enrolled Pensioner Force who came out as guards on the convict ships.img_9469  img_9471
This old concrete structure below parliament houses the public ablutions.
Despite it being rather grotty there were some great angles and lightingimg_9473 img_9474 img_9478 img_9480

Lovely to find a spot of brightness amidst the greyness of the day.img_9482
By the time we had explored the extremities, watched a media interview with an MP, we were rather tired and hungry so we made out way over to meet up with Judith.
We had a lovely lunch at Dome.
Nicki and meimg_9487
Judith and moi.
After Judith went back to work Nicki and I went for a wander around Subiaco.
Found this shop, never seen a San Churro shop before so was drawn in by the wonderful quotes and orangenessimg_9493
Down the street were a line of shops with matching stained glass windows that are rather beautiful.
And a very ornate beauty parlour with the wee pooch on couch
The magnificent Subiaco Hotel where Sam & I spent several hours the previous Saturday 😉
Then it was time to say goodbye to Judith and head home.
Nicki & I had such a good day, so lovely to finally get to know each other in the flesh after connecting for the past 18months of mutual support via internet.

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